About Food Safety & Traceability

Food Safety controls risks by preventing, reducing or eliminating potential food safety hazards. The Growing Forward 2 Food Safety program is a competitive program; therefore, applicants need to be clear and specific about the food safety results their projects will achieve.
Today’s food supply chain is complex and involves many stages and goes through many hands. On farm production, slaughtering and harvesting, processing, storage, transport and distribution all before food finally reaches the consumer.’
Food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, industry, producers, academia and consumers. Everyone along the way has a role to play.

Interested in some food safety facts?

Traceability is the ability to follow products through all stages of the agri-food chain, from production to retail, by providing an effective way to track an identified product as it moves between locations.
For public safety, it’s about reducing incidences of food fraud as well as unintentional or intentional adulteration; disease management; and environmental emergencies.
For businesses, it’s all about risk management and mitigation—lowering the impact of recalls and lowering liability costs.
For the supply chain, efficiencies relate to productivity; cash flow improvements; innovation; and reducing waste.
And for consumers, it’s about access to markets and specialty foods ; and enhancing or strengthening brand confidence.

Benefits of Implementing a Traceability Program


Click here for a list of certifiable HACCP schemes recognized under the Post-Farm Food Safety and Traceability Program.

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