HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a globally recognized, proven, food safety management system. The worldwide movement towards requiring company’s food safety management system to be certified is growing every year. HACCP is an excellent place to begin because many other food related certifications are based on HACCP practices and procedures. Buyers are increasingly only doing business with companies that are at a minimum, HACCP certified. If you do not have HACCP certification you may be at a competitive disadvantage.

Being certified in HACCP offers many benefits:

HACCP ensures safe food for everyone, decreased health risks, decreased food recalls;
HACCP meets all regulatory requirements and facilitates good inspection results;
HACCP is cost effective;
HACCP is recognized globally, therefore it provides access to export markets;
HACCP enhances company reputation and provides confidence in your products; and
effective HACCP systems mean that a processor can claim to have taken all reasonable precautions and made sufficient effort in monitoring the precautions to avoid commissions of an offence by themselves or people under their control, and performed due diligence in legal cases resulting from product recalls.
We can help you put together a work plan to become HACCP compliant or achieve HACCP certification over a specified period of time. Whatever you choose, increased food safety practices will benefit your business. If you wish to work towards another HACCP-based certification, the Post-Farm Food Safety Program can work with you to achieve this certification. The program website has a comparison guide that provides an overview of some of the different certifications.

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