How to make a Claim

The Post-Farm Program is a cost-sharing initiative, which will reimburse a portion of the cost of food safety and traceability advancements within eligible food and beverage industry facilities. Participants will assume the full cost of the eligible activity, as approved in their PFFSTP Workplan, and then seek reimbursement from the program, via a claim submission, for their expense. All reimbursements will be paid via cheque. As recorded in program contracts, all clients must submit claims before the set deadlines; otherwise the claim will not be reimbursed by FPHRC.

What do I need to make a claim?

How to Make a Claim

Submitting a claim is easy! Just follow the 3 step process below:

  1. Assemble all of the documents, pictures and paperwork you will need to make your claim as we clarified above.
  2. Start by signing into your “My Profile” account by visiting www.mypostfarmprofile.com. Use your email and password created in your Part A application to sign in. On the main home page of “My Profile”, you will find an electronic list of your Workplan activities. Beside each activity there is a “Make a Claim” button. Select which activity that you would like to submit a claim for.
  3. Fill out the “Submit a Claim” form. Be sure to include all relevant pieces of information to make the process flow smoothly. Click “submit” at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

When your claim has been reviewed by the Registrar, you will get another email notification letting you know if your claim was approved or declined. When approved, the claim will be automatically sent to our Finance Manager for payment via cheque. You should expect your cheque in the mail within 10 to 15 business days after the expense has been approved. In high volume times, it may take 15 to 20 business days.

Monitoring of Activities

It’s our goal to help you succeed! Throughout the Post- Farm Food Safety and Traceability Program, we will be regularly monitoring all program participants to ensure that they are staying on track with their Workplans. As part of the monitoring process, you may be asked to show the progress that you’ve made on particular activities that may not be fully complete.

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